Automatically evaluate the creditworthiness and risk profile of your borrowers


360-degree customer view

100% digital

With direct access to account and fiscal data, we instantly verify real income, loans in progress, savings and expenses.


We identify red-flags such as hidden accounts or loans, unauthorized account overdrafts.

Credit scoring

Machine-learning model to predict default.

Developed in partnership with world-class researchers and trained on hundred of millions of transactions.

Gini : 73 %

Lifetime Value

Churn prediction.


Appetence scores by product family : funds, savings products, premium cards.​


Operating costs

45 mn overall.

Time & resources spent in value-added activities.

Standardized I/O.

No data loading and errors.



ISO 27 001 and PSD2 compliant aggregation.

Risk Assessment

No more documentary fraud.

Credit risk reduction.

 Financial inclusion.

Data Privacy

In line with traditional non digital conventions.

Non black-box scoring.

Customer experience


Less drop-out, more conversion.

Meeting customer demand for digital services.

Rapid integration

A few hours maximum.

 No need to change existing customer routes.

Free up time, get rid of risks.





Jonathan Dahan

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nick van Roekel

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Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Yuval Aronowitz

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Head of Data Science

Sjoerd van Bekkum

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Chief Economist

Marina Vu

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Art Director

Julien Desvergnes

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CRO Latin America

Paulo Chebat

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COO Latin America

Rafael Sasso

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PR Latin America


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